Print, paper and packaging

Print, paper and packaging

VSW Inc. Belting Solutions supplies quality products and service to companies involved in the paper and print industries, to include print, folding, collating, stitching and bindery and paper converting.

Our range includes machine tapes, flat belts, power transmission belts, vacuum hole belts, timing belts for -
• Rotogravure
• Commercial web offset (heatset)
• Sheet fed printing
• Newspaper printing (coldset)
• High performance web folder

VSW Inc. Belting Solutions works with the brand leaders in the corrugated board manufacturing process, across production and converting. Our specialist product range includes -
• Heat and moisture resistant belts for incline transport of paper to single facer
• Process and conveyor belts for rotary shear slitters, scorers and down stackers
• High-grip, abrasion-resistant, non-marking belts for flexo folder gluer and case makers

For operations involving solid board carton folding and glueing, VSW Inc. Belting Solutions offers high performance belts, from feeder belts to folder and carrier belts, crash lock, trombone and delivery.

Our belts boast constant friction properties, and are made from materials that protect surfaces, offer good release and grip properties. Coupled with a long service life, they make a valuable contribution to any operation’s quality and efficiency.

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