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Why Health and Safety matters to Vulcanising South West Inc. Belting Solutions

Vulcanising South West Inc. Belting Solutions achieves NEBOSH certification

Vulcanising South West Inc. Belting Solutions has always held the health and safety of both its employees and clients in the highest regard: to us a safe working environment is a happy and productive one.

We always ensure that our workforce is fully trained on all items of our equipment, for both our light and heavy duty offering, and indeed we give our clients’ staff the opportunity to train on our specially customised training system too.

VSW Inc. Belting Solutions has invested in securing both Avetta and Alcumus approved Safe Contractor certification, to show our customers we mean business and share their values of growing our and their businesses without compromising on safety, sustainability or ethics.

In our quest to continue to learn and protect against possible health and safety issues, manager Craig Jones recently undertook the NEBOSH National General certificate, the most recognised health and safety qualification of its kind.

What does a NEBOSH Health and Safety qualification entail?

Following studying and passing this course, holders of the accredited qualification can identify, evaluate and control a wide range of workplace hazards. It also encourages a pragmatic approach to managing risk and covers the main UK legal requirements for health and safety.
The qualification was developed following extensive research with health and safety professionals, employers, professional bodies and regulators to ensure that it remains relevant and rigorous as well as achievable and practical.

Craig Jones achieves the Merit standard for NEBOSH National General certificate

Craig was keen to take part in the certification as he felt it was an excellent addition to VSW Inc. Belting Solution’s safety track record and a key assurance to customers. To achieve the qualification, he was assessed on his ability to apply his skills and knowledge to a wide range of issues and to show his capability to deliver positive change to a real workplace.
He came through with flying colours achieving Merit – nothing less than his team members at VSW’s Cornwall HQ expected!

Craig Jones – why NEBOSH is important for VSW Inc. Belting Solutions

“The health and safety of my colleagues has always been of the upmost importance to me – we work in an environment that has the potential for life-changing hazards to happen daily, and I wanted to do my bit to ensure those risks were reduced as much as possible.
“The NEBOSH course has helped me to put health and safety at the top of my agenda without a second thought. For me it was always important, now it’s become something I do automatically, without a second consideration or prompt, which is exactly how it should be. I’m proud of my achievement and it will help to reinforce VSW Inc. Belting Solutions as the go-to provider for bespoke process and conveyor belting and associated products.”